Mikko Kuorinki

DATE: Publication 
SCULPTURE: Kohokuva / Bas Relief , Helsinki Icehall, Töölö

An exhibition in the form of a publication 

Edition of 100 
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It began with a passing conversation in a public sauna about public sculpture in Helsinki. Mikko Kuorinki’s fascination with Kalle Räike’s Bas Relief / Kohukuva led James Prevett to invite Mikko to make a Party for a Public Sculpture for it. This started the process ending with this thing you have in your hands. It could be described as a party for a public sculpture in the form of a group exhibition, exhibited in the form of a publication. This difficult to define object seems apt for a sculpture with little information about it and what it actually is. We gained almost nothing from our research in the archives (Architecture / Helsinki / Public Art) and what we found concerned the Icehall / Jäähalli and only mentions the sculpture as a side note. What we are left with is the fact that the sculpture is designed by the architect Räike for his own building (Jäähalli), and that it currently overlooks a parking lot with a Drive-Through restaurant cabin placed in front of it.

The exhibition / booklet was convened by Mikko Kuorinki for the Patsastellaan: Parties for Public Sculpture project. It features Eeva-Maija Pulkkinen, Tuukka Kaila, Maarit Mustonen, sidony o’neal, Anna Tomi and James & Lempi Prevett.

Mikko Kuorinki (b.1977) works with language, objects, sounds, printed matter, images, beings, rooms and spaces. He is one half of Hello dust collective.

Eeva-Maija Pulkkinen (Turku/Helsinki) works around sculptural gestures with multiple materials, text and image. Her work often suggests figures, scenes and encounters touching or reaching for each other.  

Tuukka Kaila (b. 1975) is a Helsinki-based contemporary artist operating in the expanded fields of photography, knowledge and publishing. He is a co-founder of the artist-run publishing initiative Rooftop Press and founder of the nomadic artist’s book gathering Bookies. 

Maarit Mustonen is a visual artist living in Helsinki. She works with words, images, space and movement.  

sidony o’neal (b. 1988) is an artist and writer based in Portland, OR. Recent group and solo exhibitions include Sculpture Center and Fourteen30 Contemporary. Performances in non-band DEAD THOROUGHBRED have been presented at Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Volksbühne Berlin, and Performance Space New York. o’neal’s writing has been published at Arts.Black, and their chapbook LYFE IN A BOTTLE TREE BOTTLE (2020) was published by House House Press. o’neal is represented by Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland.

Anna Tomi is a PhD student at the University of California Berkeley. Besides her research on Finland-Swedish Modernist poetry and questions of borders, she is a writer and a translator. She is the former Editor in Chief of the poetry magazine Tuli&Savu. 

Lempi Prevett (b. 2013) has been making things with her father  James Prevett (b.1977) for  years. Only in this past year have they made sculptures.

Kalle Räike was an architect who was born in Reposaari in 1920 and died in Helsinki in 1993.

Bas Relief - Kalle Räike

Made in 1966 the steel-reinforced concrete sculpture is located in front of the Helsinki Ice Stadium on Nordenskiöldinkatu. The Constructivist relief consists of geometrical basic forms and of their sections and variations. The work was designed by Kalle Räike, the architect of the Ice Stadium.
Kohokuva - Kalle Räike

Helsingin jäähallin edessä Nordenskiöldinkadulla on monumentaalinen teräsbetoninen reliefi julkistettu 1966. Se on konstruktivistinen, geometrisista perusmuodoista ja niiden leikkauksista ja variaatioista muodostetunut teos. Kohokuva on jäähallin suunnittelleen arkkitehti Kalle Räikkeen käsialaa.